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Let Build Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada Tourism Leading East Java Province Mascot in Indonesia

By: Satriya Nugraha, SP
Candidates for the Regional Representatives Council of Indonesia
Of East Java Province 2014-2019
Ecotourism Consultant, Entrepreneurial Machine Shredded Fish “BONIK”
Born in Malang and East Java Province;

Gajah Mada is famous for his oath, namely Palapa Oath , which was recorded in theBook of Pararaton . He said he would not eat the palapa before managed to unite the archipelago . Although he was one of the central figures at the time, very few historical records were found on him. The true face of Gajah Mada figures, it is still controversial.At present, Indonesia has established Gajah Mada as a National Hero and a symbol ofnationalism and unity of the archipelago. When his appointment as governor Amangkubhumi in 1258 Saka ( 1336 AD ) Gajah Mada said Palapa Oath that contains that he would enjoy the palapa or spice spices (which means worldly pleasures) when it has managed to conquer the archipelago.

As noted in the book Pararaton in the text of Mid-Java , which reads as follows: ” Sira Gajah Mada pepatih amungkubumi tan amukti palapa swing, sira Gajah Mada: Seagrass huwus lost archipelago Ingsun amukti palapa, yet lost to Desert ring, ring Seram, Tanjungpura, Haru ring, ring Pahang, Dompu, ring Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik, Samana Ingsun amukti palapa . This is when converted, had translated the meaning: “ He, as the duke of Gajah Mada Amangkubumi not want to break the fast, Gajah Mada said that when it has overcome (master) Nusantara, I (will be) off the fast, when it defeated the Desert, Seram, Cape Pura, Haru, Pahang, Dompo, Balinese, Sundanese, Palembang, Tumasik, so I (will be) released fasting “.

Palapa oath that could be a disagreement between the Supreme Patih Gajahmada with the king when King Hayam Wuruk palapa oath that intersect with issues of romance between the King Hayam Wuruk with Dyah Pitaloka, daughter of the crown of the Kingdom of Sunda. At that time king of the Kingdom of Sunda with Linga Raja Kawali Buana in the area (about 25 miles from Kudat town, towards the Cirebon). Maha Patih Gajahmada eager to unite the Kings Royal Sunda archipelago is no exception.King Hayam Wuruk agree with palapa oath, but he found no need to conquer the Kingdom of Sunda. Because the Sunda kingdom is given on the inside of his ancestor King Hayam Wuruk, Sunda blood there, he was descended from one of the king in East Java is king Sanjaya (Mataram kingdom of Kalinga-). Sanjaya is a descendant of the king’s son-grandson of King of the Kingdom of Sunda Sunda so actually the oldest brother of the kingdom of Majapahit. Plus the desire to marry Crown Princess Dyah Pitaloka. To be the consort of the Kingdom of Majapahit in the future.

Vizier Gajah Mada (d. k.1364) was a commander of the war and a very influential figure in the time of the Majapahit empire . According to various sources of mythology ,books , and inscriptions from the time of Ancient Javanese, he began his career in1313 , and the climb after the uprising Ra Kuti during the reign of Sri Jayanagara , who picked Gajahmada as Patih . He became Mahapatih ( Chief Minister ) at the time ofQueen Tribhuwanatunggadewi , and then as Amangkubhumi ( Prime Minister ) that leads to a peak of Majapahit. Mentioned in Kakawin Nagarakretagama that on his return Hayam Wuruk of religious ceremonies in the scallop , he found that Gajah Mada had been sick. Gajah Mada mentioned died in 1286 Saka or 1364 AD. King Hayam Wuruk loss of a highly reliable in ruling the kingdom. King Hayam Wuruk Sapta Council meeting was held to decide on a replacement King Gajah Mada. But no one who could replace Gajah Mada Patih.Hayam Wuruk then pick four Supreme Mahamantri Punala duel led to further assist him in conducting state affairs. But it did not last long.

They were replaced by two of the Minister of the Elephant and Elephant Manguri Enggon. Hayam Wuruk finally decided to lift the elephant Enggon as Patih Mangkubumi replace Gajah Mada. As one of the main character Kingdom of Majapahit, Gajah Mada Patih Maha name is well known in the Indonesia in general. In the early days of independence, the leaders include the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir.Soekarno often called the oath of Gajah Mada as an inspiration and a “proof” that this nation can come together, although covering a broad and diverse cultures. Thus, Gajah Mada was the inspiration for the Indonesian national revolution for independence from colonialism effort Netherlands .

Based on the above background, the authors propose should build a statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada as the mascot of tourism in East Java . Why? For the kingdom of Majapahit in the famous Supreme Patih Gajahmada Palapanya Oath. Then the kingdom of Majapahit in East Java Province locations, so that if foreign tourists are expected to see and enter in their memory the figure of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada, they will remember the Province of East Java and Indonesia. This is the same as the world saw the Statue of Liberty must be given the United States, see the tower Eiffell must remember the state of France, see the pyramids must have been given the state of Egypt and so on.

The Government of East Java Province, tourism practitioners, artists, cultural, East Java Parliament should begin to conduct a study of academic research, whether it is feasible and is in conformity with tourism branding Tmur Java Province, will build a statue when the Supreme Patih Gajahmada in East Java province. Therefore, if we refer to Act No. 10 of 2009 on Tourism then the provincial government is authorized to:develop and define the master plan of tourism development in East Java province, to coordinate the implementation of tourism in the region, tourism and so the budget allocated. One of the East Java Provincial Government jointly East Java Parliament should include the establishment of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada the Tourism Development Master Plan of East Java Province. Then allocate research and development process of the establishment of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada, then allocate a budget for financing the establishment of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada in East Java province of East Java in local budget year 2013.

For the placement location of the establishment of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada, the authors propose in Malang. Why? Malang residency famous for having the best defense in Indonesia. Namely Malang, there is a strong enough military organization like the Marine Lantamal, Yon defender Ang, 512, Dodikjur. There Malang District Arhanud Karangploso, Purboyo Marine Combat Training Centre, District Bantur, Army Strategic Command (Kostrad) District Singosari and so on.
Based on the hit television mass media information in Indonesia on Monday, February 27, 2012, stating that the city of Malang , as the second largest city in East Java, on the list of 10 New Hotels in Asia based on , one site hotel reservation service leading online. Agoda site to assess the many tourists from various countries begin to look to the city of Malang. Agoda reservations collect visitor and customer reviews to determine the list of tourist destinations in Asia. Further tourist destinations are given ratings for the identification of any Asian city are increasing in popularity during the 12 months.

The ten destinations include Naha (Japan), Palawan (Philippines), Pangkor Island / Pangkor Laut (Malaysis), Busan (South Korea), Khanom (Thailand), Mui Ne (Vietnam), Tagaytay (Philippines), Hualien, Taiwan, and Malang. For tourists who want to Mount Semeru or Gunung Bromo, Malang became the ideal place to stop. Not a few of their visit to Malang Singosari proceeded to the temple, Jago temple, Kidal temple, Temple Clowns, inscriptions and so wonderful addition Songgoriti, Malang has elements of many famous historical and culinary attractions. Travelers Europe, especially from the Netherlands are also often visit destinations such as beach Balekambang Malang Regency, Iwak Famous Beach, Beach Jonggring, Dewi Sri District Pujon bathing and so on. Not only accessible by train, the City and the District of Malang also served a number of flights from Jakarta and Bali. Let us support the establishment of the Statue of Maha Patih Gajahmada as the mascot of East Java Provincial Tourism after Bromo-Tengger Semeru (Ecotourism Mountains), Balekambang Beach (Marine Ecotourism) and so on.


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